Small Business Award

Sean Harper Gives Mike Hickman Small Business Award

Mike Hickman, owner of Hickman Homes, has been a staple in Polk County’s building industry for more than 30 years. In fact, he has worked here so long he is starting to build for the children of families he built for in the past. Hickman Homes specializes in remodeling and new construction in the residential and commercial markets and takes pride in the service, quality, and value they provide their customers. Hickman Homes is a steward of the environment and is on the forefront of “Green Technology” construction in Polk County.

Mike has been recognized by his peers in many ways for his outstanding building practices. He is a 3-time Builder of the Year in Polk County, 2004 President of the Florida Home Builders, 2007 Florida Builder of the Year, and has received multiple Home of the Year wins as well as the 2010 Aurora Award, just to name a few. These accolades are a testament to the character of Mike and his dedication and love of his profession.

Mike is a true believer in giving back to his community and is an admired leader to the next generation of contractors. Mike has dedicated countless hours as the founding member of the Future Builders of America Foundation. This foundation serves thousands of high school students across the state teaching them life and job skills with an emphasis on making a career in the construction industry. Mike is heavily involved in other civic organizations such as FBA Student Leadership Training Camp, the Lakeland Chamber’s BusinessVoice, and much more. Mike is known throughout Florida to be a champion for the building industry as an advocate for housing affordability and regulatory oversight.

Hickman Homes’ reputation of quality, service, and value in conjunction with diversification can be contributed to their success and sustainability through the difficult times after the construction collapse. Now with the strong economy Mike is staying true to his core principals and continues to give back much of his time to the community.

The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce congratulates Hickman Homes as the Small Business of the Month Award Winner for March 2019.

—    Sean Harper